Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kith, an art journal page

I love my Java family and that is what this art journal page is all about.

A red polka dot bag, cardboard and used coffee club cards frame this photo and it was all glued down with gel medium.  

Grand Opening photo

This tag is topped with a red button, now anytime I want to find this page, I can!  

Index tag

Kith #40 of 67 words signed art journal page.

signed and labeled

This was a laugh out loud moment, when I stamped the wrong date :)

August 32nd anyone?!

A look at the other half of this spread, stream of consciousness writing covered with 1st layer of gesso.  Wonder what I'll do next over there?  

full spread

My second family on the opening day of "our" coffee shop, a memory worth keeping!

What are you creating today?!

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