Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sweet tags

I made a bunch of tags to share with friends at the Java Stop and sweeten (41 of  67 words) catches me up with the challenge :)

word 41 of 67

I like to have something pretty on BOTH sides of the tags, so this tape is an easy way to cover the opposite side of "sweeten".

taping back of tag

I chose the colors of lettering to go with the tape and these pretty stickers.


The last embellishment is a short piece of pink ribbon so "sweeten" hangs prettily on the line.  

hanging on my art line

Using up mono prints, ribbons, words, tapes and random bits from around the studio helps me clean things up and make pretty tags for sharing.

tag pile

This apt fortune added the final embellishment on this tag.

Fortune on tag

How do you use random ephemera that's hanging around?  

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