Monday, August 11, 2014

The Mustard Studio tour

After a recent reorganization and cleaning spree, I snapped some pictures of the studio to share with YOU.  I am so fortunate to have this beautiful space:) 

Looking to the left upon entering the studio, you'll see the desk my Dad made for my 17 birthday.  It's a large desk that holds loads of stuff and it fits perfectly here.

my desk

One thing I always do while working here is listen to music, love the variety on Pandora and this speaker thing works great.  

Must have music :)

Around a plain clock I've hung fun art.  Paints are handy here in a 3 tiered spinning rack.  How do you sort your paints?  I usually group mine by colors or brand.

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Along that same wall I have a hutch PACKED with art journals, magazines, and lots of other artsy bits.

Grammy Janet's hutch

Printing inks and really BIG mason jars full of fun stuff are stored on a high bistro table here.

Ginormous jars of goodies

My workbench works so well for me, just the right height and everything I need within reach.  

Plenty of space for storage beneath the bench too.  I had most of the storage containers already in the house and just repurposed them here.  

My main workbench

These storage cubes I did buy at Michael's and with my husband's help turned into an extra long desk.   I edit photos and write here because the window provides a great view outside and fresh air.

Window workbench & Jojo

It's amazing how much stuff I can fit onto a small shelf, the highest one holds precious mementos and photos, the middle one has more mason jars with items a mixed media artist MUST have, lol.  And the lowest shelf is filled with rolls of tape and ribbon. 

shelves above window workbench

I must confess, there's more tape in a drawer in the desk below.  Tape gets used ALL the time in my I NEED it.

That flying pig came from the Brimfield Antiques Fair, it's made of recycled metal pieces and I love it!

Tape and ribbon shelf

This shelf holds loads of buttons in more funky jars and the rest of the bookshelf is packed with old dictionaries, sheet music, sewing patterns and books.  I have a serious love of all kinds of paper, how about you?  


This old pencil sharpener is attached to the side of the bookshelf and is the best pencil sharpener EVER.  And of course I store random chains and beads here too.  Doesn't it look like a sculpture?  Functional, pretty and fun, THAT'S what my studio is all about.  

Ken's pencil sharpener

This is my studio, I hope you enjoyed the tour.

What I see upon entering the studio

I plan on having an open house and actual tour of the mustard studio as soon as I get it back to looking like this again.  It is a working studio, after all, so messes and ART happen here all the time :)



  1. What a great space! Very cool and inviting! Jojo could get in so SO much trouble here. I love the flying pig too!

  2. What a wonderful room! Thanks for sharing it.


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