Friday, August 8, 2014

Unfeeling tragedy

This page began with a colorful inky background AND Pam Carriker's Face Map stencils (Stencil Girl).  Used a cosmetic sponge with black Gesso to make this pretty but passive face over the inky page and added red marker for her lips :)

There are loads of videos out there on how to spiff up this gal but I felt that as she is, expressed "unfeeling tragedy" very well.

unfeeling (26) 

A variety of pens, pencils and markers were used to spell out and outline this marquee.

I combined two words from the 67 words challenge on this page, lots of catching up to do.  

tragedy (27)

I LOVE lettering and coloring so this page was a JOY to do...

"Unfeeling Tragedy", what could it be the title of, a poem, B movie or Soap Opera?  I'm leaning toward a really poorly acted B movie...

Aug 04 2014

One of my favorite things about art journaling is the freedom to do WHATEVER I want to.  Some pages like this, get left raw and imperfect, which is very CATHARTIC!  

Art journal page

I hesitated to use my own handwriting when I started art journaling because it felt sloppy and imperfect.  With time and practice my style emerged and it's MY art journal so WHY not do the writing?!  

I encourage you to use your own handwriting when art journaling!

Happy Friday friends  


  1. You are right...Very Cathartic! Very Free-ing. I love your expression here and the title...Perfect.

  2. Absolutely use your own handwriting! As you practice you get to like it more, and as you say, it makes it yours. I can imagine the B movie and the cheesy musical score :)

  3. It blows my mind that people need a stencil to make a face! Draw your own!!

    1. Yes, anonymous I chose to use a stencil in MY art journal. We all have varying talents and strengths and this stencil worked well with the theme of the page so I used it. Too many people were discouraged as kids (me included) away from ART. My blog is about encouraging folks to try whatever art form interests them, not on criticism and bullying. Peace


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