Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why I like artist trading cards...

...let me count the ways

  1. quick, low pressure way to play and make art 
  2. great way to try paint and textural techniques
  3. FUN way to recycle things like cereal boxes, magazines, and card stock
  4. easy to make a series of similarly backgrounded (yep, my word) cards to experiment on
  5. small size convenient to keep and see changes and growth in your personal art style
  6. trade them with other artists

In my continuing quest to catch up on 67 words, I'm sharing 3 new artist trading cards today.

I unearthed threap (#32) in an old dictionary last year while searching for the 67 words.  Wonder why it fell out of favor?  

This ATC was cut from a cereal box, I liked the letters and it came in handy because I had NO idea how to show scold/chide/threap!  

Threap ATC

I save magazine images that catch my eye and keep them close by, on the workbench.  These mountains looked so different from those here in the Northeast and fit word #34, range, perfectly.

The paper was a bit thin so I glued it to a recycled ATC, outlined the mountains and added the "rugged range" label. 

Range ATC

Thwart (#35) vb.- synonyms include- frustrate, baffle, balk, beat, bilk, circumvent, dash, disappoint, foil, ruin.

A handwritten thought, Thwart not YOUR artistic iNcLinAtIonS, in black ink on box cardboard, is a simple and encouraging artist trading card.  Those pretty colored circles were on some box and I just cut it down to ATC size, very easy really!

Thwart ATC

Please remember to date your ATCs, so you can watch your style and talents grow over time :)

back side

Do you make artist trading cards?  Anyone interested in trading cards with me?  Send me an email or make a comment and we can set up a swap.


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