Friday, September 12, 2014

Tilting with recycled plastic

Tilt is word #43 of 67 words.  Black and white is always a great place to start and these bread tags also had some blue on them, so that made up the color palette for "tilt". 

The bread tags were glued down with Aleene's Fast Grab tacky glue.  As the label says "holds items on contact" and it really does!  I really like to work fairly quickly so it's nice when you know things aren't going to shift around as layers are built up.  

canvas board painted black

Didn't take a lot of process pictures for this word. 

But on the finished piece you can see I added blues and black and white by blobbing it in spots and encouraging it to run down.  

Then another layer of bread tags was glued down and splatterings of white and black paints.  

finished canvas

The last layer consists of other plastic items like wire spools, computer keys and packaging materials of black and white.  

which way should it hang?

I really like this limited color palette AND all these plastic TRASH pieces that got recycled.  May have to work on more limited color palette pieces in the future :)

And that my friends is D

D key


End computer key

of my tilted tale...

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