Sunday, October 5, 2014

Box of tags

I give away art tags at the coffee shop & decided to spiff up the display with a new box :)

The box and a few tags also helped me catch up with my 67 words challenge! 

New tags box(#46)

I stuffed the box with a bunch of new tags, created in my studio this weekend.  

Box with tags

I just love these old heavy duty metal file boxes and am glad to put this one to use!

Reusing old metal box

So, if you're in Agawam sometime, stop in, pick out an art tag AND try one of our delicious lattes.

sharing tags with customers

Relish your view is written on the back of the tag.  This saved magazine photo seems so peaceful to me. 


Here's my interpretation of twinkle, with stars, glitter glue and a colorful background.  Twinkle, twinkle little star is still a favorite nursery rhyme of mine.

Twinkle #44

Each of my art tags is decorated on both sides.  And I use a lot of recycled materials to create them, like paper bags, cardboard, ribbons, string, greeting cards, postcards, jean strips, calendars, and words cut from magazines.

Art line

Some of my favorites hang on art lines in the mustard studio!  

I really enjoy sharing my art with YOU and our fantastic customers.

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