Monday, November 24, 2014

7 new silhouettes

Silhouettes, stencils or masks, whatever you call them, making your own is FUN!

This fit woman was just a bit large so I used my copier, reduced size and printed her onto card stock.

Drinking woman

For each silhouette, the front and back of the images were covered with 
Con-Tact paper, then cut out.

Christ the redeemer still in Con-Tact paper

This image grabbed my attention, but was too small for me, so I enlarged it :)

Yoga woman

This running man is intense and I believe even in silhouette, anyone will be able to see his muscles!

running man

This jumping dog is fabulous...couldn't resist it and can't wait to start using it on my monoprints.

leaping dog

Jump for joy, this guy got enlarged and a haircut for this customized silhouette.


Joyful jumper

And here are ALL of my new silhouettes, ready and waiting for some monoprinting action!

All together now :)

How do you recycle old magazines? 

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