Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Any occasion (#52)

Marco believes ANY occasion is an accordion occasion...

This tag started with an image transfer of "Marco", isn't he great?  He plays right to the photographer.  I love his eyes, such passion and connection with the audience!  

Marco the accordion player

Around the tape transfer I added a black and white striped Washi tape which mimics the stripes of his shirt.  Then a blue and white arch design Washi tape pulling the blue of the accordion forward.  

Sometimes simply framing a great photo makes the image more powerful...

Occasion #52 tag

15 more words to go on my 67 words challenge and I'm glad I didn't quit it :)

Are you working on resolutions for 2015, to start or stop something? 

I believe that planning positive changes will help banish the negatives, so I'm trying to phrase the goals and resolutions toward accomplishment rather than using "stop that" mentality.  The more focus on the positive, for me yields happier life results.

Just me thinking out loud again.

Have a great day friends!

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