Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Slumber (#50)

This art journal spread started with white Gesso over both pages, smeared with a palette knife.  Once dry, I used colored pencils and followed the lines and ridges left by the uneven Gesso.  Then I found the dog photo and the colors went so well with the rainbow that I just had to glue it down.

Still working to catch up on my 67 words challenge and I came up with the line, Sandy settles for a slumber (#50) beneath a rainbow.  Cute + corny = just my style :)

sweet Sandy art journal spread

In this latest journal, I'm including the day of the week and date stamp on each page.  I've cut them from old calendars and keep them on my workbench.  Do you date/sign your work?



Here's a closer look at my doodled page...

I love alliteration

For the lettering I used a paint brush and black Gesso, it works much better over the rough page than pens and markers. 

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