Sunday, December 21, 2014

Whittle #55

Whittle-to pare or cut off chips from the surface of (wood) with a knife

My Dad took up wood carving (a few years before his passing), one of his many artistic pursuits and I am lucky enough to have some of his creations, including this practice piece...pencil marks and all!

practice piece

While camping as kids, Dad often let us whittle (#55) scavenged sticks with HIS pocket knife.  A precious memory for sure! 

goofy face :)

On our last visit together Dad shared the sway back horse carving he'd begun, which you can see in the shadow box. (below)  He was struggling with how to turn his vision of the horse into a finished it sits as a reminder to me that ALL artists face challenges!

memorial shelf 

The peg-leg pirate is a carving he'd finished and I painted later on.  I'm pretty sure Dad would approve ;) 

It's bittersweet to collaborate on whittle #55 of 67 words with my dear Dad.  Do you have something unfinished left behind by a dear friend or relative?  Hope you are able to enjoy it, like I do Dad's gifts.



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