Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Without hesitation #58

The other night, I finished up the 2 days of the week rubber stamps you see below (Tuesday and Saturday) and had a little piece leftover, so I carved a face into it.

workbench glance at aj page 

I didn't stop to plan, fuss, worry over "how it might turn out" or "if it was good enough", just did it without hesitation!

homemade face stamp

Then I stamped some paper scraps with it, cut them out and set aside:)

tall crew cut stamped face

The left side page says, Young Fiona hides playfully among the petals.  Fiona's 5 fabulous friends were glued down and numbered on the right side.   

Art journal spread

I think they're kind of creepy and fun :)  Don't you just love creating without the inner critic there to muck things up?!  


With (#58) hesitation art journal spread, I am caught up with
67 words challenge.   

Hope you'll stop by in the new year to see what's happening in the Mustard Studio!

Until we meet again, I wish you PEACE...

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