Thursday, January 15, 2015

Trying to slow down

I could rush out a blog post every day...but why, to what end?  Nervous Breakdown Town or Cranky City is where I'd end up!  I'm closing in on 52 this year and realize I NEED to slow down.  Also hoping to drop persistent perfectionistic tendencies too.  (more on that, later in this post)

UNIQUE Inspiration Wednesday Journal page (before)

2014 was a busy, full and good year for me.  A bit too busy with work and not enough time set aside by me for exercise and beneficial activities.  I rarely rode my beloved bike (gasp), which I greatly missed.  I skipped art journaling for a major part of the year, a vital therapeutic necessity for me.  My 67 words, a weekly challenge, was more of an anchor than a fun thing to do.  

2015 butterfly inclusion (before)

2015 for me will be about fun, doing more things I enjoy, laughing more, pausing frequently and taking more time to create ART :)

I am taking a year long art journaling class with Donna Downey, called Inspiration Wednesday.  Every other week Donna shares a video of her art journaling process with lots of humor, info and FUN.  I love her style and vowed to work more slowly in my handmade inspiration journal. 

Be(e) before

 All the while, inside of me a hyper hamster pushed for speed and perfection.

The bee you see above no longer looks like that because of my haste.  Actually the entire 1st layout is now muddy and dull looking.  (see below)  


Be(e) (after)

Unique always (after)

I loved the way the spread came out initially!  Never having used glazing medium before I was really pleased with what I'd done on the first try.

You might ask, what the heck happened?   My journal would not lie flat when closed, SO I smooshed it between 2 very heavy books and left it to straighten up and flatten out.  OY!  Honestly, sometimes I baffle myself with the ridiculous things I do.  (Many layers of wet media didn't have enough drying time)

Next day, I pull out my now flat inspiration Wednesday journal, ah I've bent it to my will!  BUT the pages stuck together with some minor tearing of paint layers.  ***Here's where I'd like to go back to the past and just stop myself from "fixing" it!***
Not going to bore you with my attempts to repair damage done, I'm pretty sure you can see the differences between before and after pictures.

I've considered taking the journal apart, replacing the page and remaking it.   But I am leaving it alone.

The page stands as a reminder to slow down and let it be.  That may be the BEST thing I can see each time I open my inspiration journal!

My Inspiration Journal

It won't be easy to slow down...

Wish me luck :)


  1. Good Luck!!! :)
    This class will be my first art journal type attempt so I'm pretty nervous about it. But hey, it's only paper and paint, right? :)

  2. So sorry for you, we've all done that very same thing! Both before and after are beautiful though, don't feel bad, they are all gorgeous.

  3. I like them. I enjoyed this post because I have been there and I have ripped out pages before. Then I decided to leave my mistakes in my journal because life is messy and my journal reflects my life. I too had to slow down and wanted to do something just for me so I started art journaling in January. I follow Art To The 5th and I'm having a ball. I love working with Donna Downey's stencils but haven't joined her Wednesday group.


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