Saturday, June 13, 2015

Monthly ATC display

Hello friends, 

Despite my long absence, I've managed to keep my hands dirty and the creativity flowing!  I set myself a goal for 2015 to make an Artist Trading Card each day and I hang each one throughout the month in the picture frame you see below.

Displayed April ATCs 

I use what's hanging around the studio and give myself the freedom to experiment, on a very small "canvas"(2.5" x 3.5"), but it's a lot of FUN!  I go with the flow, no judgement, just a free play attitude... 


I do a lot of collage with words clipped from magazines.

Look ATC

Experimenting with cruciform composition inspired by the workshop I took last month with Jane Davies.  If you like making abstract art, I highly recommend checking out Jane's blog (collage journey's) and classes!

Black, white and red

A horizontal collaged cruciform study on ATC.

Cruciform ATC

Every ATC gets my "signature" with date, number of 365 and some even get named :)

Back of ATC

At the end of the month, I gather cards together, rubber band them and stow them in a fancy shoe box...

4 months of ATCs 

Looking at the ALL of them at years end will be lots of FUN.  Life can be crazy busy and overwhelming at times BUT art and making things help put it all into perspective...  

2015 ATCs box

I encourage you to find what you love, then GO do it!  


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  1. I'm laughing because I just posted about my frame on the previous post to this one. I just found your blog and hadn't looked at the older posts. Isn't it just so easy to hang on the? My frame is smaller but it works. There is a chalkboard on top of it and I write inspirational quotes on it.


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