Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Magic word keeper

Do you believe in magic?  I believe in creative magic!  AND trusting in a process I'm compelled to do.  Like cutting words and phrases out of magazines almost obsessively.

Big beautiful words :)

figured at the very least, they could be used on ATCs or in art journaling spreads.  Honestly still not sure the whole WHY yet and I am OKAY with that! 

 wonderful word piles

Initially, I put the words into old coin envelopes labeled -a- to -z- and worked with that system for a while.  But it didn't take long for those envelopes to get over stuffed and for me to realize the need for another plan.

Using gelli prints, magazine images, the aforementioned words and washi tapes, I decorated alphabet index card guides(3x5). 

index guides a-d

I put them into an altered metal file box, which has been hanging around the studio just gathering dust. 

  magic word keeper

I love words, so having these jewels neatly stored away will make finding the perfect one(s) a lot easier.  And now this pretty box is useful too ;-)

 voila the perfect place to keep words

What's your current creative addiction/obsession?  Share if you dare...


  1. Love that sista! Right now I'm back to beads again, tomorrow, I don't know.

  2. Wow, creative idea. I also love cutting words and images from magazines. Right now they are stored in file folders on a metal stand bought at an office supply store. I also have a large frame with wire that I hang scrapbook ephemera on using decorative clothespins. I wrote on the frame - "Create Art Everyday".


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