Monday, February 1, 2016

#snowflakes2016 Recap

For my friends who follow me on Instagram...thanks for your feedback and support.  All the snowflakes I made in January can be seen here.

a flurry of snowflakes

Some things I learned during this challenge.

1. I love purple snowflakes

6 sided flake

2. There are lots of different kinds of papers snowflakes can be made of but white printer paper is easiest to cut.

3. Cutting snowflakes requires sharp scissors otherwise the paper tears.

4. I really LOVE having a heart design in my snowflakes.

sparkling gold 8 sided beauty

5. I am NOT disappointed that so few real flakes flew this past month :)

6. I'll be using some of the sturdier paper flakes as stencils soon.  I just love finding another use for recycled stuff!   

7.  I did get tired of making snowflakes by week 4 but glad I finished the challenge.

8. Google is a great source for free snowflake patterns...if you have paper, scissors, time and interest...see what you can create!

I'm making something heart themed every day in February, so if you want to join in or simply see what I do check out #heartmonth16 on Instagram.  

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