Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The JOY of Inspiration Wednesday!

I am enjoying Inspiration Wednesday 2016 so, so, so MUCH!  

The skyline of buildings was mono printed onto a transparency film, allowed to dry then adhered onto the page with gel medium.  I absolutely love the black buildings against yellow ombre sky.    


After making many mono prints on transparencies, I got brave and printed directly into my journal with white ink.  These white buildings pop on the ombre Paynes gray sky.

Live and love life inspired.  

LIFE Inspired

What a fun way to use up old transparencies.  One idea, crazy at it seems initially, leads to another.  How awesome is that?!    

mono print on transparency

Fortunately my art journal isn't too, rounded or thick yet so printing in it was doable.  I actually like how the buildings on right hand side didn't print as well as on left side.  Perfection is overrated:)  

mono print on art journal page

The contrasting colors, texture and energy of this spread just makes me so freaking happy.  Exploring new ideas and jumping at the chance to TRY things is what art journaling is all about for ME.  Not every spread turns out this nicely but I learn something EVERY single time...

full art journal spread

If you have any interest in art journaling at all, take a look here.  $35 for fresh inspiration every other Wednesday is such a bargain.  Donna's encouraging and fun style has me approaching these Wednesdays with a whole new attitude! 

Find what makes your heart sing and go do it.  


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