Thursday, February 4, 2016

What's black and white and red all over?

My art journal pages, that's what.  

On this page, I pounced (with a cosmetic sponge) white paint over the heart snowflake and then sprayed red over it after shifting "stencil" slightly.  I like the white shadow effect.

golden snowflake ties page together

Here you see 2 snowflakes layered atop a stenciled page.  The challenges of using a spray ink over snowflake stencils were my over spraying habit and the flakes don't lay flat.  But I think they'd be great for mono printing :)

The red label says SNOWFLAKES AS STENCILS!!!

layered snowflakes

Here's the full spread, I really like this color combination.  What's your favorite color combo?!  On the left page, you can see the negative and positive stenciling and smudges from my over spray behind and around layered snowflakes. 

full spread

An art journal is a fabulous place to experiment and preserve memories of lessons learned.  I'm really excited to see how mono printing with recycled snowflakes goes!  Will share what happens with that here soon.  Peace 

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