Friday, February 19, 2016

Why I love coffee...

My love of coffee goes far beyond taste.

I enjoy coffee in all its, iced, frozen, espressos, lattes, and of course with something sweet to eat :)

To me coffee means friendship, community, family, fun, laughter, love and lately ART.

rich warm espresso beans

My friend Craig opened Agawam's Java Stop a little over 2 years ago and he enjoys giving people the BEST coffees, pastries, and SERVICE.  Here you see some of the members of our coffee family, Craig(wearing a green shirt and baseball hat) is the ringleader of our troupe, he makes working and serving the community FUN.      

Agawam's Java Stop opening day

Before we opened, Craig gave me several bags of coffee beans and asked me to make some coffee art.  I agreed to try because I love a good challenge.  With much determination and experimentation I got to work and made some fun things to hang in the shop.  

coffee bean peace sign

I've moved from using the beans to using ground coffee for the most part because the beans are slippery and don't like to stay stuck!

ground coffee around the heart

I paint fun coffee cups on canvas now too.

latte love

Craig's encouragement to hang and sell my art at the Java Stop is hard for me to put into words.  But I am oh so grateful to him.  I've managed to reuse materials he saves for me, beyond the coffee beans and this has stretched my creativity immensely.

You can start to see why I LOVE coffee so much, where my passion and enthusiasm for Agawam's Java Stop comes from.  I tout it so much that a lot of folks think I'm an owner or even funnier Craig's wife!  

Craig's wife Heidi is the pretty blonde in blue.  Their son Kyle standing in front of Heidi is just as passionate about the coffee shop as his parents.       

reusing coffee club cards 

My coffee family is a mix of the Westside originals and the newer "kids", a unique group of FUN and passionate people!   We call our "customers" friends because that 's what they are to us.  We love meeting their babies and out of town relatives, we cry when someone dear passes and we enjoy celebrating special days like your birthday or 10th coffee with a free drink.

It's been fun sharing our little gem(Agawam's Java Stop) and my love of coffee with YOU today. 

Peace, Love and coffee,


PS.  If you're in the area this Saturday, we are celebrating our 2 year anniversary with a customer appreciation day, want to know more click here for all the details.

PSS.  I'm spending more time in the mustard studio than at the coffee shop, because I needed more time to create.   When there though, I love catching up with all my fabulous friends! 

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