Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Puppy love

To say we love our rescue dog is an understatement.  

me and Jojo

Jojo has worked her way into every aspect of our lives...she can be so sweet.

Jeff and Jojo

And she's very photogenic :)

beautiful pup

Sometimes Jojo crosses her paws when laying down.

crossed paws

She can smell a skunk from inside a closed up Winter house.

macro nose shot

And she can spot a cat from a mile away.

amber eyes

Jojo loves to play fetch, tug, and destroy the toy.  She enjoys perching on the back of our love seat to keep an eye on what's happening outside.  But I believe her favorite thing is to snuggle with us anywhere, anytime.  LOL.   

Elizabeth, Jojo and Will

If you're considering getting a pet, may I suggest adopting from a local shelter. We adopted Jojo from Dakin and are so glad we did.  

Peace & puppies people 

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