Friday, April 15, 2016

Why I do challenges

I am easily bored.

I love making things, all different kinds of things.

I enjoy discovering new things to make.

My brain is often overloaded with ideas of new things to try making, new techniques, recycled materials, etc...

And the only thing that settles my mind is trying to express the brain stuff with moving my hands.

I love learning new things.


Golden snowflake

January's challenge was to make a snowflake each day. (#snowflakes2016) I learned so much about cutting them and using different materials.  It was FANTASTIC!

no 2 snowflakes alike

I made big ones and small ones, 4, 6 and 8 sided.  Used aluminum foil, card stock, filter paper and anything you can fold and cut with scissors.

tiny silver tea packet flake

February was my heart month challenge (#heartmonth16) and I thought maybe I'd get bored with hearts but nope, kept my hands moving and me out of trouble, well...

I really love this heart.   It's wood covered with layers of paper and paints and topped with "love" cut from layered old book pages, sprayed with golden ink.  


"Lovingly" heart has butterfly wings, layers of paint and book text.  Setting it on this vintage photo transformed this behatted beauty :)

photo play, "lovingly"

I like challenges because they force me to look around and see old things in a new way.  All the components for this assemblage piece were already in my studio.  The brown picture frame got a wash of red which pulled it all together.    

All you need  is love

For March, I focused on plants (#plantart).  This took me beyond the studio, to look around at what all was emerging from the ground!  Got me to use macro setting on my phone.  Such fun!


This leaf mono print made by spraying a dried leaf with ink and pressing it onto paper, was easy and is beautiful.  

monoprint on pretty paper

I challenged myself to make something every day of the year, which when I began seemed like too much, but by breaking it down to monthly themes and placing no strict "guidelines" has made it a real pleasure.

dried cone flower pod (macro)

At times I thought why are you pushing yourself?!  But this challenge has gotten me to try new things like the macro setting on my Iphone and Instagram!  On days when I felt blah about everything, this challenge got me up off my butt and moving my hands and mind.  

Daffodil triplets

Looking down in March for signs of plant life and Spring, got me out of the house and I found lots of happy signals that Winter was over.  For April, looking up has been terrific.  (#raindropskeepfallingonmyhead)  This cropped windshield water droplet shot just shows me what can be seen if only I stop to look.  

trees captured by raindrops

Even clouds and blue skies can make me smile after a few days of rain.  If you're interested in seeing all my challenge photos check out my Instagram feed @ddhurlbut   

blue sky, hooray!

Hope that you see or create something today that makes you smile.

Peace all!

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