Monday, May 16, 2016

The joys of Instagram

I am loving Instagram lately.  

It's easy to edit and share pictures.  And fun to explore photos from around the world!

a gorgeous day at Brimfield antique fair

Checking out the #macro stuff is addictive.

a buttercup #mayflowers #macro 

Simple moments captured and shared around the world.

Sunrise 'round here

Having the app on my phone has me looking around more.  Spring puts on quite a show, doesn't it?!

blossoms on side of a field 

Our pup Jojo is a very photogenic #rescuedog.

our pretty #jojo

Somehow, it's more fun sharing daily art challenges with Instagram. 

#encouraging words

May's challenge being flowers has me getting down low and personal with some gorgeous Spring flowers.

lily of the valley #mayflowers

#encouraging words is my latest challenge, which has me practicing lettering and uses leftover mono prints.  

more #encouraging words and #lettering

If you Instagram, what's your favorite # or part of sharing there?

Thanks for stopping by the mustard today!


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