Sunday, January 7, 2018

#carvedecember is so much fun

Here's my collection of handmade rubber stamps.  I enjoy the challenge of turning plain pink carving rubber into useful stamps.  Pattern making with odd scraps is a fun way to stretch materials and mind.

31 unique rubberstamps

You can see all my stamps and art tags created on Instagram @ddhurlbut

The peace heart is a favorite of mine and the black print on pink paper just wonderful!

Peace/love stamp

Printing stamps in bright colors shows off some of the pattern making possibilities.  

 scrap stamp

The genius behind #carvedecember is Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.  Her book is very informative and encouraging.  The portability and ease of rubber stamp carving makes this a craft anyone can do.  Check out Julie's blog here for more info on #carvedecember, online classes, her podcast and lots of free tutorials.  

Where it all began

I've linked her book here if you're interested in Julie's, Carve, Stamp, Play.  This dancing diamond stamp is another favorite of mine, the bold black design was filled in with bright markers to make this pattern pop.

Dancing diamonds

My daughter and husband carved some stamps this year and it was fun to see what they made.  I love Elizabeth's Jojo pup stamp face seen below!  Her favorite and first is the rose.  

Elizabeth's stamps

I was impressed by Jeff's rocket and ringed planet stamps.  He drew and carved them really quickly and they are so darn cool!

Jeff's stamps

Did you participate in a challenge in December or last year?  Or are December and the holidays enough challenge for you? (ha)  I'd enjoy hearing about (or seeing) your creations!  Just comment below.  

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