Monday, January 1, 2018

From Christmas cards to gift tags

Happy New Year!  2018 starts off here, as 2017 ended, with freezing temps and blustering winds.  

                           In the coming weeks, I'll be:
                           revitalizing the mustard blog
                           researching website building   
                           checking out other blog platforms
                           cross country skiing (when it warms up a bit)
                           making art
                           using a bullet journal
                           sharing content regularly on the blog

I'm not a resolution maker, but I love lists and the bullet journal is mostly for my art ideas, plans and research.  Keeping it simple will probably be my biggest challenge.  Do you Bujo?  

Good morning

I love receiving and sending holiday cards. Reconnecting with friends and family and sharing warm greetings is wonderful.  Pretty as they are, keeping them just isn't possible.

Usually, I sigh as I loving place them in the recycle bin. But this year, I got out my paper cutter and saved some of the prettiest parts by making gift tags!  I made sure there wasn't any writing on the back, cut the card down, folded and voila gorgeous gift tags.       

beautiful gift tags

It was fast and easy to repurpose Christmas cards into gift tags. What do you make with your cards?

Frost (macro)

This picture was captured in the last days of 2017 and is one of my favorites from my Instagram feedI managed to post a macro shot every day of the year.  That's a lot of pictures and much crouching down to get the shot. I am pretty proud to have finished the challenge and of all the things learned along the way.  And the pictures are pretty cool too!

Thanks for dropping by.  Peace

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