Monday, January 29, 2018

this old desk

There is a beauty to old things or perhaps it's the familiarity with associated memories that brings a comfort level that is hard to explain.  

This desk was a gift from my father, a very talented woodworker and all around good guy.  It was my 17th birthday present and I am so grateful.  It's often buried beneath piles of papers and art supplies.  But I'm working on that. 

clean desktop

My intention this year is to keep it clutter free and actually use it.  Write with that vintage typewriter and make some stuff while sitting there with my sweet memories.

contact paper

Clearing out the drawers seemed like a good first step.  Wonder what Dad would think of this contact paper in the drawers?   I like them this way. 

Dad's mug

Surrounding myself with things from people I love is a great way to make a simple desk magical and maybe that magic will repel all the detritus that often finds its way here.  One can only hope.  Peace

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