Monday, February 12, 2018

Around Here-February Edition

Winter is the perfect time for puppy snuggles :)

And making art here in this funky Ikea chair.

Every sunny afternoon the sun casts sparkling spots all around the studio.

Bare trees against a blue sky, my current skylight view.

Working the exercises in this book.  I'll share more in my next post.

While Dad's desk has stuff on it, happily it's actually project ideas in process.  I love working in the different areas in my studio.  Feeling very fortunate and grateful lately.  

Typed a bit on Aunt Ruth's Olympia typewriter.  Great addition to this art tag.

Got my first Passport and planning some 2018 travel.

Cooking more from scratch foods.  This pizza was so delicious.  

Hope you enjoyed your time here.  


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