Saturday, May 12, 2018

Play with your art supplies

I found these really cool vintage art chalks and a watercolor set while
at the Brimfield Antique Flea Markets.  

The chalk is labeled lecturers' chalk crayons.  Barely used in the original box and luscious colors, you better believe I'm using them.  

Gorgeous colors reeled me in but how to use these chalks and not have them rub off?  

A simple wash of water over top and the chalk adheres a lot better to paper and I can always use a fixative if needed.  

lecturers' chalk crayons

The watercolors set came in this cool tin and again was barely used, swoon!    When swatching and making this color wheel I discovered wonderful and deeply pigmented paints.  

I'm fairly new to watercolor painting but these colors make me so happy!  


color wheel and swatches 

Have you ever used vintage art supplies?  

Playing with new/old supplies is a great way to enjoy and learn about their uses and properties.  

I like making color wheels as it gets me mixing custom colors more often.  

Go ahead and play with your supplies, it's lots of fun!


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